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Getting Into College: What if you don’t have good grades?

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You want your child to go to college. Your child wants to go to college. Unfortunately, your child came to this decision rather late in the game. Or maybe you have one of those Little Einsteins — brilliant at some things, but it’s not reflected in his or her grades. Now what?

There are several possible routes out of this dilemma for your child who wants to be college-bound:

  • Take online college courses to beef up the college application
  • Attend a local community college to build up the academic record prior to transferring to a four-year school
  • Take college courses on a non-matriculate basis to prove that you are up to the task.

 There are some other choices you may not have considered. There are over 850 colleges that do not require SATs or ACTs to enter their school, according to research published by,  the “National Center for Fair and Open Testing.”  Some colleges on this list may not be the most ideal schools one would prefer to have on a resume, but others are surprisingly desirable.

 Take a look at the list. It may offer some options you had not previously considered.

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